A Comfortable, Upscale Shopping Experience


Ambiance’s customer base is more than 60% female. Women make the majority of Ambiance purchases and directly influence a good percentage of the rest. Whether shopping as a couple or sending their partner in, the woman’s preferences are the main deciding factor. Accordingly, Ambiance makes sure to offer women an inviting and comfortable shopping experience.

  • Tasteful and inspiring window displays create a welcoming frame of mind and appeal to female sensitivities and the highest community standards.
  • An upscale store design and top notch construction reinforce a sense of comfort and well-being.

Ambiance product offerings are arranged to maximize customer comfort. Dominating the floor displays are the latest in romantic and arousing lingerie styles. Navigating into the store through the boutiques offers customers intimate apparel, massage items in the front. Further in customers will discover role play items, bedroom furniture and “Romantic Technology” (tastefully displayed at the back of the store). Instructional relationship books and DVDs (the same titles sold at mainstream book stores) are displayed throughout the store. Everything a couple needs to embrace intimacy can be found at Ambiance.

Special occasions are the number one reason couples think of Ambiance. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or even a weekend without the kids, couples want to celebrate these occasions in a loving, intimate way.

  • To help plan for the perfect passionate celebration, Ambiance stores are segmented into “Intimate Adventure Boutiques.” Each boutique celebrates a different kind of romantic adventure that couples can experience to add new and exciting dimensions to their relationship.

Dynamic, professionally-designed signage gives the stores a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. The professioanlly-designed signs highlight both featured products and inspirational ideas for the celebrations each customer is planning. These are coupled with vibrant decor around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Romance Consultants put the customer first. The Ambiance “Think Like a Customer” (TLC) program for its Romance Consultants results in the award-winning customer service that Ambiance has become known for, bringing customers back again and again.

  • The Ambiance TLC philosophy ensures that each Romance Consultant treats every customer with the utomost respect and compassion.
  • Every new employee is thoroughly trained in product knowledge, customer service and store operations so customers have the same experience no matter which location they visit.

As a mainstream retailer, Ambiance stores follow the same procedures as other retailers in the area, including the standard retail hours of the malls and shopping centers they neighbor.